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Great value for money when you just wring them out and reuse them (the most uses I managed to get out of one is 11)
Very absorbent and love the little blue line to let you know when it needs changing. Perfect for new parents!
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These are little expensive but the best wipes I've ever used
Perfect for sensitive skin, use nothing but these.
We absolutely love nappies. We compost them too, so they're good all round - the only nappies that put goodness back into the earth!
Great barrier cream when nappy rash is too bad for Sudocrem to deal with but not so bad you need to treat with Metanium
Brilliant, contains the poop smell pretty well!
Siri - loves
easy to use and simple to refill- no fuss and good quality
They may be more expensive than supermarket brands but are brilliant. Safe, secure and very absorbent.
Great nappy cream that relieves soreness quickly. Has a nice smell and texture to it
I couldn't believe how effective this system is. Literally no smell, even when disposing of a very smelly nappy
great (and snazzy) for storing wipes in when out and about.
Apart from the fact that they are not environmentally friendly, these are great pull ups. They don't leak, are easy to put on and take off.
These nappies leaked almost every time although the normal ones worked great
This can deal with nappy rash like nothing else. I use it for all kinds of nappy rash-related issues!
Works well on sensitive skin (also we use it on very dry hands in the winter!)
Incredibly expensive for what is, essentially, going in the bin with the rest of the poop! When on basic maternity wage and bag will do.
Ideal for storing and cleaning baby's nappies
These are a mainstay in my house for nighttime. No leaks, no worries. I don't think my LO thinks they are like pants though!
Cjs butters are my go to creams a cloth nappy user these are amazing the scents are fab my fave being monkey farts. They do cute wee tester pots too!
I had one of these and loved it - everything is to hand when you need it
These are slightly cheaper pampers nappies but still as good and they don't leak and are a great fit on my toddler.
Easily wipeable but you'll use this for 1st wk then realise the couch, floor or your knees does the job just as well. Save your space and money!
Fantastic. If your using reusable nappies I would defiantly recommend. Easy to clean, very rearly stain and really kind on baby's skin.
I thought I'd use this all the time. I may have used it twice. My knees are good enough!
I find these quite difficult to get sitting right on my toddler, gaps at front and back but admittedly still no leaks.
I tried these, they leaked and were crazy expensive. No thank you!
Very tight and difficult to put on. I know that's the point, but it made preparing for swimming a bit too stressful.