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Baby bottles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and do all sorts of clever things like preventing reflux. Discover advice on the best ones for you.


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Great for keeping portions of formula ready to go when you're on the go and convert to a snack pot when you're weaning!
I found these invaluable! Baby had reflux and these are 100% cotton and double the thickness of most muslins - fab product and ace colours
Quick easy and done in 6 1/2 minutes, does bottles, cups, tubs and more.... plus goes anywhere as it's small no bulky sterelisers!
Love Avent products, there all interchangeable so no need for cups and extra bits and u get add ons and get your money's worth :)
These were permanently attached to my hand for the first 8 months due to our sons reflux
Not worth having. Boiling water in a jug does just as good a job.
Excellent buy as a first time parent. Easy to use and store away. Total time saver
Had one and ended up chucking it. The hot plate was wonky which meant water pooled in it one end and scorched the other. Bottles ended up smelling.
They sell one is Argos for £10 and is great mum to be pack
I have the add ons that make this bottle, (handle and drinking spout) son holds with ease and is comfortable with in :)
We're perfect for my little one when he started holding his bottles by himself.
Comes with most avent sets, last and does what it says :)
Warm bottle when out and about, without having to worry about any bacteria festering because you don't add the formula until you need to!
I usually pick these up for £2.50. Get through so many, the ends constantly break off after swishing them around in the bottles they become loose.
I use this on a daily basis. Can be used in microwave or as a cold water steriliser and absolutely doesn't leak on your travels either!
I found these invaluable, especially as I had so many bottles that needed cleaning, and didn't want the bits to fall to the bottom of dishwasher.
The only bottles my little boy would use. Can be a faff with all the different sections but well worth it as my little one suffered with reflux.
Bought 2 as baby got older and stopped using smaller bottles as much, lasted 8 months, still looks like new...
Used these in an emergency and they were completely useless, my baby couldn't drink from them. The idea is brilliant, but it just didn't seem to work
Attached to my breast pump but would then pour from these Into storage bag. I bought the teats for these but they were awful! So used as storage.
perfect for if you have a greedy baby like i do as the flow is faster
I think it is compact and has got good reviews. Would be much useful while travelling abroad with an infant.
I used this with all my children. It was easy for them to hold and the flow is not too fast for them. Cute designs and BPA free too!
I like these bc they are glass bottles (no chemicals!) and my baby likes the teats.
Do I look like a Philips Avent Fan?? Well I am :o) So here is another fab product. Warms milk and food quickly, safely and doesn't cause hotspots.
Unnecessary as microwave one does just as good a job :)
My daughter hated these. They are a really hard plastic that would gag my daughter
This was fab when you are holding the baby and trying to make a bottle. The spout makes it so much easier
Fantastic. If your using reusable nappies I would defiantly recommend. Easy to clean, very rearly stain and really kind on baby's skin.
Complete waste of money have never used it and u don't want baby to become used to warm milk, will be a rod for ur own back Lol
These become useless within 2-3 wks of baby being born as they're not big enough for a full feed thereafter. Just get the full sized ones and save £