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Quick & easy way to check room temperature when getting baby ready for bed.
Started using with my 5 month old when he wouldn't settle in his cot. After a few nights he was going to sleep with no problems. Great help.
Love this product. My gro bag keeps my baby warm even when he wriggles all over every night
Blackouts my sons window for daytime naps and summer bedtime. Only complaint is as fiddly to put up, gets left up making room dark all day!
Well worth the money for peace of mind. Used for both of my children. We have had some false alarms, but I'd rather that than the alternative!
We have this in grey to match the bedding we bought before we knew the sex of the baby. We have the side down. Helped a lot after my cesarean section.
I found these invaluable! Baby had reflux and these are 100% cotton and double the thickness of most muslins - fab product and ace colours
My son has had his since birth and uses it every night and he's now 3 1/2 years old. I'm buying another one for my soon-to-be newborn.
Fantastic for the price ,pics up my baby's noises well.
Much easier to have the Tommee tippee teat and dummy wipes. They're much faster than waiting for this
We've used this from 2 months on (now 18 months). Simple but gives a nice soft light and also enough light for night feeds
Swaddles are great especially for clingy babies x
No way to play music to baby. Light is really poor, should be red light so not to disturb baby. Can't use it outside my home , Ie in my garden.
Lovely quality, temperature regulating and takes the fuss out of bedtime
I love this monitor, it gets used so much! The battery life isn't great but replacement batteries are easy to get. The sound quality is good
Beautiful and practical. It goes with us everywhere.
My baby loves these, preferred to other brands
Generally use these when out and about as it's easier to fit a clip to these than some others
Have the bumblebee version and my little boy loves it when he's going to sleep. Easy to use buttons and great nightlight
The side lifts up and down for ease of use and my just turned 4 year old has always been safe in bed with the guard on.
Really good quality sound and videos. Reassures you at slightest glance also the mat give you peace of mind as every movement is monitored. Worth £££
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Pampers Bed Mats
Saves mattress and does its job!
Best sound quality I have found on a baby monitor!
Great to just pop into the pushchair, warm and snug
I never had a video monitor before but this time the concept is very appealing
Very sound sensitive and great light. Found if you hold the light button in you can dim it. He is 3floors up and we get a signal outside.
learning to tell the time is a tricky concept that is only briefly covered at school. This looks great for consolidation at home.
A bed guard gives peace of mind that your little one won't fall out of bed
Excellent to help with self settling In the big cot
Love this. Used for 3 of my children. Music is soft an calm, not tinny like others I've heard. Stock up on batteries though
At about 2 months my baby really "discovered" this over her cot. Now she gets upset when the batteries (often) run out! Giggles at it happily
Both my kids have had these for years! They still continue to love using them at night. Look lovely but also useful as a comforter to go to sleep.
easy to set up and use, gives me peace of mind as my little boy will only sleep on his front.