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Don't use it now as I haver temp reader on monitor. But it was essential for my peace of mind when he was a newborn.
Gro bags and sleeping bags are such a good idea! Don't know what we'd do without them.
Really helped get my Son to sleep through the night. No longer use it, but it was one of our essentials for the first 8/9 months
For teaching Mushroom to stay in bed until a more reasonable hour! That's the plan, anyway...
I literally couldn't cope without this thing. Enough said.
Does it all! Can be used as entertainment during the day as well as to calm on an evening. Can watch the screen as well as projects onto the celing
Little one will not sleep without this. Couldn't recommend more
I found these invaluable! Baby had reflux and these are 100% cotton and double the thickness of most muslins - fab product and ace colours
Value for money this is great! Only problem was when baby rolled over to the edge there was a gap between the mattress and the side. 😕
Little one loves playing with it and I can watch him while we are walking via the wing mirrors!
My 9 month old rubs this on his cheek/temple when sucking his dummy. I think the different textures soothe him, he also loves to stare at + inspect it
Warm snugly and big enough for both me and baby to get under for snuggles
Very clear sound, very easy to set up and use, great for travelling as no wires. Plugs straight in to the wall.
Great to just pop into the pushchair, warm and snug
It's the only way I can get my son to sleep
I never had a video monitor before but this time the concept is very appealing
easy to set up and use, gives me peace of mind as my little boy will only sleep on his front.
Shame it doesn't move or the colour changes but it's great with auto shut off
baby's sleeping arrangements for the 1st few weeks, then becomes laundry basket or toy storage! (just remove the hood and covers!)
great for keeping little ones warm , perfect for use in moses basket.
learning to tell the time is a tricky concept that is only briefly covered at school. This looks great for consolidation at home.
These are amazing sleeping bags. We used to use blankets and since discovering sleeping bags our nights have been revolutionised! Much safer!
We got this to help get my son to sleep but it's also great for when I'm in the bedroom cleaning or getting dresses as it keeps Charlie occupied
We have the white version & it is lovely, padded, cosy, looks lovely & bubs sleeps perfectly in it.. what more could you wish for! I'm a big lover!
These have been brilliant whilst J goes dry at night -and I've used them for emergency changing mats for the baby too!
The side lifts up and down for ease of use and my just turned 4 year old has always been safe in bed with the guard on.
Both my kids have had these for years! They still continue to love using them at night. Look lovely but also useful as a comforter to go to sleep.
Bought this for my 1st son. He pulled the toys off and hated it when he was a baby, but as a toddler it really soothed him to sleep with the lights.
A bed guard gives peace of mind that your little one won't fall out of bed
Love it. Can hear every single sound he makes and as a nervous mum settles me. Love the night light and the lullabies.
My little boy loved this! The music soothed him to sleep. When he got older and could stand the mobile came off and just left the music panel.
Brilliant sound quality, no interference at all. so simple to set up and easy to use. nightlight, lullabies & 2 way talk feature included.
you will need a few of these for newborns , i also used these in my pram too
Lighter than the standard soothers meant she didn't drop it as often