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Not sure whether to put your baby in a swing or a bouncer? Find the right play time apparatus for your little one. Discover advice on the best ones for you.


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It has been one of the favourite toys of my baby daugther since she got it when she was 3 months, still loves it 4 months later!
Much loved classic story. One that gets read again and again.
Endless hours of fun with this for such a simple toy
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Good material I think it will last long. The flaps are easy to lift.
My little boy loves the heads shoulders knees and toes song
It was great but only for a couple of months then my little one tried to climb out
My eldest got this for Christmas when he was 3, he still plays/reads it to this day and he's 6 now! The gift box it came in was just lovely too
Keeps Finn entertained in the car and he loves the flashing lights
My boys have both loved playing with these. There is something very Mr Bean like about them!
Mushroom simply finds this book hilarious. The first time we read it together a few months ago, he couldn't wait to show Daddy that evening
My little man loves the wrist ones but the socks fall off to easily.
Cute interactive toy. Great educational benefits. Holds baby sons attention BUT the change in voice when saying personalised words is crazy!
Both my children 11months and 3years love these. A must for bath time.
This is my go to gift for newborn every child deserves to be read this wonderful book over and over at bedtime. A true classic book. 😃
Both my girls found this boring apart from the plastic toy with holes in it which lets water come out like a shower.
Got for my 6 month old, he loves the colours and knocking them over if I build him spmething
Super cute and toddlers love wearing it because it gives them a bit more freedom
lacing cotton reels together to make chains - patterns and colours
Got for my 6 month old and doesn't seem interested
This is a good idea for when Noah & Isla want to play picnics with their kitchen
My son loves his and plays with it all the time. It's one of the only toys that keeps him quiet when he cries.
even at 3 months my son loves looking at the lights & listening to the music, he's fascinated by it! sure he will continue to love it as he grows.
rhyming books are great for learning sounds- get your little ones to predict the next word and clap along to help them learn the rhythm.
every child loves play doh , its cheap and fun
This goes everywhere with my son by far his favourite
Personally it drives me nuts but my son loves it so i guess it's a win!
Both my 17month old son and 7month old neice love this
Fantastic huge playmat. Lots of different things for baby to find.
Educational and fun. My little boy really enjoys playing with this.
Son out grew it in 3 months, too tight around legs and was used once! Useless really unless u very a tiny baby
Nice play gym. It has music and little activities on the mat as well as hanging toys
Hours and hours of fun! My boy loves kicking and staring at himself in the mirror so winner winner!
My oldest loves filling these in learning his phonics!