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Not sure whether to put your baby in a swing or a bouncer? Find the right play time apparatus for your little one. Discover advice on the best ones for you.


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Its brilliant my boy can stand up & bounce without breaking my arm can spin him round to different toy & he can't run over my feet :)
My boy is able to hold this easily and loves chewing and sucking on Sophie too.
Bought it yesterday and she hasn't left it alone since! Far cheaper in smyths than anywhere else 😊
My son loved this so much its more intresting when babys younger as it lights up aswell
Brilliant for keeping babies distracted. Lots of different textures and noises.
My Lil boy loves this. Keeps him happy in the car too.
My daughter loves it! It helped her to gradually sit up on her own.
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Great for hand-eye coordination
If brought this for my son wen he was 11 weeks old he loved it then and still does now and he's nearly 4 months old
We have just got this for are toddler and it is great, every child will love this
Brilliant book I had it when I was younger and my son loved it too
My toddler has had this since his 1st birthday, he still loves it and cuddles it at 2!
We have the pink set for my daughter, she spends all day building it up and knocking it down, creative building and there are so many add on sets
Highly recommend getting the activity tray to go with this seat
I remember this as a child, and its lovely to be reading it to my daughter. We act out the pages and it really engages children.
My little girl loves this. It's a novelty to take coins out and put them back in.
Such a fabulous idea and brilliant for little ones who are a bit worried about bath time
I bought this for my niece for her first xmas. She was 6 months old and at 2 years now she still plays with this all the time. Was a very good buy!!
Super cute and toddlers love wearing it because it gives them a bit more freedom
lacing cotton reels together to make chains - patterns and colours
Great to lay out on the grass to jump around on.
My children have no interest in this as it is too big and does not do much compared to other bath toys
They don't seem to draw very well and are hard to wash off
My son loves this although it is quite big and bulky for him to get hold of.
My toddler loves this and spends ages putting it together and taking it apart again
The bird that spins at the top isn't placed well, as soon as baby holds the ball in certain places it stops it from being able to spin
My sons favourite from when he was tiny, lots of texture and colour
I would love to buy this but I bought the pirate ship water table from LT & not only did the stopper not work but their customer service was shocking
every child loves play doh , its cheap and fun
My boys loved the little cars but the repetitive songs drove me crazy, they are so loud!
Great for the first time swimming very comfortable and safe